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Dear Lauren,




We want to convey our sincere appreciation for all that you did to assist us with the recent purchase of our semi-detached cottage.

 Your professionalism, punctuality, knowledge of the market and suggestions all contributed to our overall feeling of confidence and peace of mind. 

You made a great effort questioning owners selling their home of the things we need to know. Your patience in communicating with us and making sure we understood what was being conversed when you knew we were hard-of-hearing.  You were very quick to organize house listings and diligent in making notes on comparisons of several houses we visited.

 You assisted us in all phases of negotiations, took your time to provide us with answers to all our questions, aided us in choosing a notary and inspector and stayed with us until the inspection. Then, you stopped by to see how we were doing and treating us with delicious pizza after we moved into our new home.

 We can’t thank you enough for all your efforts! We would not hesitate to recommend you to our friends or anyone especially those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing who may be looking to purchase a home. The experience was truly an enjoyable one.

 Your real estate experience combined with your professional manner, enthusiasm and integrity made it pleasurable to have acting on our behalf. Once again thank you for doing a great job!

 Lea & Danny


 Lauren Marks                                                                                                                      Royal Lepage


Lauren, lorsque je t’ai confié la vente de mon condo, le 9 mars 2012, j’avais beaucoup d’attentes à ton endroit, j’avais eu la chance de te rencontrer lors de la vente du condo 206 de notre immeuble quelques années plutôt.

18 jours plus tard mon condo était déjà vendu et tu as dépassée de beaucoup les attentes que j’avais mises en toi.    

Tu n’as pas ménagée les heures et les efforts pour satisfaire toutes mes attentes et le site internet que tu as créé pour mon condo était tout simplement fantastique et se démarquais largement de tout les autres.  

Je te remercie et je n’hésiterai pas un instant  à te recommander à mes voisins  et amis pour la vente de leurs maisons.

Jean-Guy Chevrier                                                                                                                              VillaÉlysée II


Houses to be bought and sold, there are plenty.

Finding the right house at the right price, well the choices are not as obvious.

 Anyone can help you with a transaction that goes smoothly from beginning to end.

But the reality is somewhere, somehow, something may not go as smoothly as planned.

Buying a pair of shoes can go wrong, imagine buying a major investment like a house.

 So in order to find the right house, at the right price and to bulldoze through any issue that may come up, cannot go wrong with Lauren Marks of Royal Lepage.

 Not only she can expect the unexpected, but more importantly, she has a solution for the unexpected.

 Thank you for all the hard work Lauren. Until the next house.

 AJ Sheu